Air & Ground Medical Response You Can Trust


In times of need, we’ll be there.

Ground Medical Response


Ambulance and ALS rapid response vehicle services. 

Air medical response


Aeromedical transportation across the country.

ambulances in a row

Stand By Events

Specialized EMS resources for any size of event.

ambulances in a row

SRT – Med Tac

Providing armed security personnel for special events

Medical Jets International, LLC is a diverse and comprehensive company of healthcare providers and resources with the ability to respond or deploy, by air or ground, to a wide variety of healthcare needs 24/365. These include, but are not limited to, emergency disasters, rescue missions, healthcare staffing needs, aeromedical and ground ambulance transports, 911 response, clinical practice oversight, and much more. Our highly qualified clinicians are here to serve whenever duty calls. 

ambulance service